In 1979 a group of Alberta MG sports car enthusiasts were hearing reports of the possible closure of the MG car plant in Abingdon, England and the resulting end of the MG sports car era. Abingdon had been producing small two-seated sports cars since 1924.

To guarantee a common source for parts and technical information, it was decided to form an Alberta Chapter of "The MG Car Club". The chapter was founded by 14 members in Calgary, Edmonton, and Lethbridge and was registered as the MG Club of Alberta. The chapter (which at the time was primarily a MG-T club) quickly setup links with like-minded groups in the US and USA.

In 1980 the rumours proved to be true and the Abingdon Plant closed with the last MGB #523001 rolling off the line on October 24, 1980.

During the next few years it became apparent that the chapter structure wasn't working well as it was hard to get members together on a regular basis. As the majority of the members were in Calgary, the MG Club of Calgary was formed. Monthly meetings were held at the Rugby Club House in Stanley Park. By the late 1990's the club had grown to over 100 members and pressure from the local neighbours forced the club to move its meetings to the Calgary Sports Car Club house in NE Calgary. The club met there for several years until a flood forced the club to move to the Calgary Canoe club building.

During this time the rules governing non-profit associations required a restructuring of the club and the Calgary MG Car Club came into being.
Our membership welcomes MG owners and those people who support the style of motoring exemplified by the MG marque, mystique and history.

The MG style of motoring is characterised by the following sentiments;

Club Meetings: Second Tuesday of every month - 7:30 pm

The club usually meets the second Tuesday of every month to do a little business, hear a presentation and socialize.
Since the time and the location of the meeting may change from time to time, please check the Events Calendar for any last minute changes. If you are planning on having a meal, please be advised that the last call for the kitchen is at 6:30 PM.

In addition to our meetings, our Events Coordinators do a great job of making sure there is always something happening. During nice weather this usually includes driving events, car shows, cruise night at the A&W and barbeques. We also enjoy participating in other clubs events such as the European Classic Car Meet at Stanley Park. Once the cars are put away for the winter, our camaraderie continues with social activities and our monthly meeting.

Meet with friends and kick some tires.... All member families, friends, and enthusiasts welcome!